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Driveways and Drop Kerbs

From Pro Paving & Groundworks Ltd, based n Sheerness
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Professional driveway and drop kerb installations

A new driveway can make all the difference to a properties appeal and the wear and tear of a vehicle. There are a whole host of options, including materials used, colours and patterns. However the installation of a driveway isn't just about how it looks.
At Pro Paving & Groundworks Ltd, we understand that the process begins with preparing the ground where the new driveway is going to be, measuring the area accurately to ensure there is enough stone or concrete. For drop kerbs, the correct permissions have to be in place as well as careful measuring to ensure the kerb is flush. 
Do not worry though, this is where we come into play using our expertise. Get in touch with us and we can help take you through it all.

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A well constructed and smart driveway not only helps to make a property look clean, fresh and bigger, but it can also add to the value of your property.
At Pro Planning & Groundworks Ltd, we are experts at designing and constructing driveways.
We only use locally sourced high-quality materials to build driveways that can easily withstand the weight and pressure of vehicle for years to come.

Our driveways can be laid using a variety of materials including block paving, concrete, tar and shingle or stone.

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House with driveway and drop kerb

Drop kerbs

If you are looking to improve access to your property or transform the front of your house with a new driveway, then you may need a drop kerb installing to ensure your vehicles can enter and exit without damage.

At Pro Paving & Groundworks Ltd, we hold an extremely high standard in the quality of all our work. Our trained and qualified team will ensure to complete your kerb to the finest level.

Please note, all new drop kerbs need approval from Kent County Council before being installed. Please feel free to contact us for any help or advice.

Driveways and drop kerbs in and around Sheerness

Pro Paving & Groundworks Ltd, in Sheerness, have 15 years of experience in the local area. We are approved by Kent County Council as a Trusted trader and are happy to assist with your new driveway or drop kerb. With our professional experience and knowledge, we can help guide you and advise you to ensure a smooth and efficient installation.

"Joe was pleasant, straight-talking and worked hard with a couple of guys to get the job done. He called me, I did not have to chase him. He kept to his word and was also a reasonably priced. Everyone that has seen the new drive is complementary about it and I would honestly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Joe."
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Pro Paving & Groundworks Ltd

For all your driveway and drop kerb needs in and around the Sheerness area. Get in touch with us using the details below to arrange your free consultation.

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